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Richard Prevendido y Pedrajas
@ Buang
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The Prevendido Drug Group is the major drug group operating in the whole region. It has one sub group, headed by Ernesto Bolivar.
The group is headed by Richard Prevendido y Pedrajas @ Buang. It has at least 15 core members and undetermined distributors. A resident of Brgy. Bakhaw, Mandurriao. He was also the brother of Punong Barangay Remia Gregori of Brgy. Bakhaw, Iloilio City.
He was arrested before for violation of illegal Possession of Firearms and was detained at Iloilo Rehabilitation Center (IRC) sometime in 2007 where he gained contacts and expertise in illegal drug trade. The group of Melvin Odicta and Richard Prevendido controls the illegal drug trades in the Western Visayas.
After the death of Melvin Odicta last August 29, 2016 at Caticlan Jetty Port, Caticlan, Malay, Aklan, Richard Prevendido was elevated as the number 1 illegal drug personality in the region and on September 8, 2016 he was listed as National High Value Target of Directorate of Intelligence (Watch listed). Further he was listed in Pres Rodrigo Roa Duterte as HVT Level 3.
On January 6, 2017 Warrant of Arrest Number 16-79515 for Viol of Sec 11, Paragraph 1(5) of RA 9165 was issued by Hon Judge Daniel Antonio Gerardo Amular of RTC6 Branch 35, 6th Judicial Region against him.
After eight (8) months of hiding Richard Prevendido and his son died when they engaged personnel of this Police Office who are about to implement the Warrant of arrest at Phase 4, Land Heights Subdivision, Barangay Balabago, Jaro, Iloilo City.
Prior to the successful police operation against the subject, following initiative were made by Police Regional Office 6.
1. Recruitment of an Action Agent who has an access/member of the group. That led to the Approval of Complete Operational Plan (COPLAN) “Bato-Bantiling Charlie” by the Directorate for Intelligence in May 2017.
 2. Creation and activation of dedicated tracker/focus team from the Regional, Provincial and City Police Offices.
 3. Police Community Action teams of all PRO 6 units were directed to harness community support for the arrest of the fugitive.
 4. Case review was held and discussed every Regional Oversight Committee meeting on Illegal Drugs presided by PSSUPT. JESUS D CAMBAY Jr. Acting DRDO/Chairman.
 5. Dedicated team Continues and “painstalking”, validated and acted upon actionable intelligence in the entire Province of Iloilo, Capiz, Antique, Guimaras and parts of Iloilo City for several months but subject person eluded arrest by transferring from one safe haven to another and using cut outs and “pasabilis” to shake or escape from operating troops.
 6. Operational research was also conducted to discover the real properties of Richard Prevendido as well asto monitor his scope of operation and possible hiding places namely:
   a. Crystal Cove Beach Resort - Brgy. Igcadlum, San Joaquin, Iloilo, registered in the name of Maria Mae Gregori (jobless).
   b. Rest House - Brgy. Daragan, Buenavista, Guimaras,registered in the name of Richard Prevendido y Pedrajas.
   c. Breeding Farm (cock fight) - Brgy. Camiros, Anilao, Iloilo
Other places he visited such as:
   1. Deca Homes Subdivison, Brgy. Pandac, Pavia, Iloilo;
   2. Brgy. Abilay Norte, Oton, Iloilo;
   3. Brgy. Pitogo, San Joaquin, Iloilo;
   4. Sitio Ginit and Olang respectively Barangay Sibariwan, Dumarao, Capiz ;
   5. Brgy. Tacay, Buenavista, Guimaras;
   6. Brgy. Polaw, Dumangas, Iloilo;
   7. Brgy. Dabong, Janiuay, Iloilo
   8. Sitio Turo-Turo, boundary of Brgy. Cabatangan, Lambunao and Brgy. Atimonan, Janiuay, Iloilo.
7. Last April 2017 a breakthrough was made when an information was received from the community and confirmed by the Action Agent that Richard Prevendido y Pedrajas @ Buang was staying somewhere at Landheights Subdivision, Brgy. Balabago, Jaro, Iloilo City.
On September 1, 2017 at about 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon Operating unit of RID led by PSUPT JULIUS B BALANO received an information through confidential informant regarding the exact location of the subject.
Immediately thereafter, PSUPT JULIUS B BALANO coordinated and informed PSSUPT JESUS D CAMBAY Jr., Acting DRDO, and PSSUPT MARLON TAYABA, IPPO Provincial Director, and devised an immediate operational plan to effect the arrest of Richard Prevendido.
A briefing was conducted to the operating teams how and when to safely implement the Warrant of Arrest at the place where Richard Prevendido is presently hiding.
At about 8:30 in the evening of September 1, 2017, while at Phase 4, Land Heights Subdivision, Barangay Balabago, Jaro, Iloilo City, joint personnel of Regional Intelligence Division 6 led by PSUPT JULIUS B BALANO and PSINSP JIGGER GIMENO, IPPO led by PSSUPT MARLON TAYABA, PCI JONATHAN PINUELA and SWAT-ICPO/ICPS 1 & 3 led by PSI TRANQULINO QUERUBIN under the direct supervision of PSSUPT JESUS CAMBAY JR, ADRDO implemented the Warrant of Arrest Number16-79515 for Violation of Sec11, Paragraph 1(5) of RA 9165, against Richard Prevendido y Pedrajas @ Buang, National High Value Target of Philippine National Police.
However, upon reaching and after introducing themselves as police officers, the operating teams were fired upon by the occupants of the house. The police officers fired back which resulted to the death Richard Prevendido y Pedrajas @ Buang and his male companion who was later identified as Jason Prevendido based on recovered identification card.

The following were recovered:

a. One (1) AK47 assault rifle;

b. One (1) .45 Cal Pistol;

c. One (1) .38 revolver;

d. One (1) Super .38 Pistol;

e. Four (4) Cellular Phones;

f. Bandolier cartridge 12 magazines of 7.62 cartridge with three (3) boxes of 7.62 cartridge;

g. Three (3) cartridge cases of 5.56 caliber;

h. One (1) cartridge case of .38 super caliber;

i. One (1) cartridge of .45 caliber;

f. Thirteen (13) .38 live ammunitions;

k. Twelve (12) .22 live ammunitions;

l. Three (3) deformed fired ammunitions;

m. Four (4) Laptops;

n. Two (2) Heat sealed transparent plastic sachets containing suspected methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu;

o. One (1) plastic containing suspected residue;

p. Eight (8) Bolos;

q. Jewelries;

r. Wallet containing ID’s;

s. One (1) cross bow

At about 9:25 o’clock in the evening the crime scene was secured and cordoned by the security team.
At about 9:45 o’clock in the evening SOCO Team led by PCI HILARIO ROGA arrived and processed the crime scene and still on going up to this time.
At about 12:00 midnight Prosecutor Ma. Nazelle Infante, duty inquest prosecutor arrived at the crime scene and conducted on site inquest.
Iloilo City Police Station 3 requested the conduct of Paraffin Test, Post Mortem, and Ballistic Examination to Crime Laboratory and K9-Unit in PDEA.
Case of direct assault, illegal possession of firearms and ammunition and possession of illegal drugs is being prepared against the two (2) suspects by the case investigators.
Police Superintendent
Regional Public Information Office
For clarification, please contact telephone number (033) 330-2553.

Good news to all gun holders and owners Police Regional Office 6 offers the new one-time Provisionary License to Own and Posses Firearms (PLTOPF) that starts August 15 to November 30, 2017 at Camp Martin Delgado, Iloilo City.
All firearms holder with expired license before the effectivity of ra 10591 and have not yet availed regular LTOPF can immediately process the renewal of their firearm license at Regional Civil Security Unit (RCSU6) formerly FESAGS at PRO6.
This program is only intended to firearm owners with expired firearms registration and transfer with nine (9) months validity from the date of issuance.
Since PLTOPF is in temporary in nature, it only has three requirements as follows:

1. Accomplish application form can be downloaded online at


2. Any government-issued id or proof of billing indicating the complete address of the applicant;


3. Payment of Php 500.00 to any Land Bank of the Philippines including its electronic payment portal or PNP Finance Service           Office nationwide (No need for reference number; just indicates that it is for PLTOPF).

This program of the PNP gives the owner of the firearms to have more time to apply for their regular LTOPF for continue ownership. Likewise, PRO6 also encouraged firearms owner to continue register their firearms and further aims to reduce the numbers of loose firearms in the entire region.
Police Superintendent
Regional Public Information Office
For clarification, please contact telephone number (033) 330-2553.


A member of balume drug group arrested by the joined operating group of regional investigation division 6 and carles municipal police station this morning august 11, 2017 at barangay asluman, isla gigantes, iloilo.

Cris perlas identified as new member of said criminal gang was arrested by virtue of warrant of arrest for the crime of two (2) counts of murder.

Base on records, Balume drug group was known as the sub-group of late drug lord melvin odicta, operates in province of Iloilo. Drug is their main criminal activity and also serve as gun-for-hire group founded by Arturo Balume alias “Master Itik” as thier gang leader.

Likewise, the group was also identified responsible for the killing of two (2) supporters of certain political candidate in estancia, Iloilo. Also the group was suspected in the series killing in the 5th district of Iloilo and other neighboring town of capiz.

Arrested person is now under the custody of carles mps for proper proceedings of the arrest.

Accordingly, PRO6 strategic direction "We perform as We Transform”, campaign against criminality is one among its priority thrust. The successful arrest of wanted person was made possible through the collaborative effort and sustained partnership of the police and the community.

PRO6 Regional Director, Police Chief Superintendent Cezar Hawthorne R Binag commends the operating group for their successful performance of operations and reiterate that pro6 will not stop in hunting and arresting lawless criminals specially those involved in illegal drug activities. RD Binag also assure that our police force will do its best in making the region a safer place to live, to travel and do business in.
Police Superintendent
Regional Public Information Office
For clarification, please contact telephone number (033) 330-2553. 
 Police Regional Office 6 celebrates 116th Police Service Anniversary this morning during traditional Monday flag raising ceremony at Camp Martin T Delgado, Iloilo City with PNP Chief Police Director General Ronald M Dela Rosa.
During the program Police Chief Superintendent Cesar Hawthorne R Binag, PRO6 Regional Director deliver his message as follows;
WE PERFORM AS WE TRANSFORM.” Performance and Transformation mutually reinforce each other. Together, these can result in change so revolutionary that it will not only address the internal, short-term and long-term problems within the PNP, but those of the societies we serve as well. This is our battle cry at PRO 6.
WE PERFORM. In line with the marching orders of the Chief, PNP, we are conducting relentless campaigns against illegal drugs and criminality combatting the threats of violent extremism, insurgency, corruption, and cleansing our own ranks.
Under Oplan Tokhang, PRO 6 conducted 430,424 house visitations for the period July 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017 which led to the surrender of 20,598 personalities.  To flush out those who refused to surrender, our operatives conducted 1,354 police operations where 1,915 drug personalities were arrested. One hundred fifty of these were High Value Targets. 
Thirty-one targets were killed in the course of police operations, 5 of these being HVTs.  Twelve homicides are under investigation.
The bad news is, • there were 431 newly identified drug personalities since March 2017. But the good news is, • these have been arrested as well.
In the pursuit of our targets, one of our brave police officers – PO3 Kenneth Torres – died in the line of duty while 3 other officers – PO2 Ryan Alfin, PO1 Jan Brave Vicente, and PO2 Hanzel Gevero – sustained injuries. We honor the gallantry and dedication of these men to their duty.
This campaign against illegal drugs resulted in a significant decrease in crime. For the period July 2016 to June 2017, as compared to the same period in the previous year, we saw an  • 8.5% decrease in the total crime volume, 21% decrease in the total index crime volume. Murder dropped by 5.28%, • and homicide by 11.19%. Robbery dropped radically to 35.55%. •  Theft dropped even more, by 43.42%, while • carnapping of motorcycles by was cut down by 29.77%. 
There was improvement in our officers’ performance in the conduct of investigations – with a 2.96% increase in crime clearance efficiency, and a 3% increase in crime solution efficiency. 20,598 drug personalities surrendered under Oplan Double Barrel.  This, by any standard, represents a substantial number. But studied further, this would translate to only 1% of PRO 6’s population.
While substantial gains have been made in our Tokhang Campaign, our consultations with different community leaders show that the fight is far from over. When we asked them if they agreed that only 1% of our region’s population is involved drugs, the overwhelming response that we got was a definite ‘NO!’ Our Regional Oversight Committee on Illegal Drugs also conducted an exhaustive evaluation and came to the same conclusion.
            The challenge and the puzzle is – why only a small percentage of those involved in drugs surrendered. And we found out that the main reason was that these drug personalities didn’t see a well laid-out drug rehabilitation program for them.
So, we reviewed the 5 stages of our implementation of Tokhang • and identified critical areas that need improvement.  We added what we believe is a crucial sixth stage: • •  the Reintegration Stage. • • •  We see the need to relaunch our Operation Tokhang, • with a view to connecting our own efforts more closely • with the rehab • and life-change support infrastructure • that partner government agencies, • civic-religious organizations, • and the private sector are offering. The addition of this final • ‘missing link’ • will make surrendering a more viable option • as drug personalities are made to see that indeed, there can be ‘life after drugs.’
This echoes the call of the Chief, PNP, who even went so far as to invite parish priests to join us in our operations to ensure the presence of credible witnesses.
Our new partnership with the nationwide network of Bless Our Cops – with volunteer pastors, bishops, and ministers from different denominations, makes this a greater possibility.
Hence, today, as we celebrate the Police Service Anniversary and in the presence of the Chief, PNP and our stakeholders, we are launching •  Tokhang Reboot   – PRO 6’s humble effort to implement NHQ’s “Oplan Double Barrel Reloaded” on the ground here in Iloilo.
We are reinforcing the accountability of our Chiefs of Police as part of our Performance Management.  Recently, 19 Chiefs of Police from municipalities across the region were relieved due to non- or poor performance in anti-illegal drug operations. 
COPs of insurgency-threatened stations that did not institute necessary security plans were also relieved.  Continuous inspection of our Red Teams in all police stations are being done to ensure their combat-readiness.  Observations are collated by the RPSMU and the recommendations are acted upon by commanders.  Assisted by our public safety forces, our PPOs and CPOs are also conducting ‘draw and fire’ drills and simulations • on the proper execution of ‘station defense and offense’ plans. 
Of course, insurgency can only be curbed and quashed with the support of a vigilant and cooperative community.  I wish to commend the ‘Protect Panay and Guimaras Movement’, spearheaded by the religious sector, with the PNP and AFP as partners.
We are also conducting self-criticism at the municipal police station level to uncover past and present possible police abuses in their AOR and, if necessary, make restitutions to the community. 
“WE TRANSFORM. Transformation in PRO 6 focuses on 3 areas:  Physical, • Systems, •  and Human Resource Transformation. 
With regard to Physical Transformation, • we recognize that a well-equipped force is an effective force. And so the PNP have made mission-critical acquisitions, which PRO6 benefited much. Thanks to our guest of honor and to our President.
To ensure that our men and women have safe, secure, serviceable and decent facilities, under the watch of our Chief, PNP, we completed  36 repair projects on various facilities.  We have also completed 23 major construction projects including 12 Municipal Police Station (MPS) buildings. There are currently 7 ongoing Police Station projects.
In terms of Systems Transformation, • each regional staff, PPO, and CPO was directed to identify the Top 3 most critical dysfunctions they are currently facing.  From these identified critical issues, we are designing and implementing needed policies to address these blockages to effective performance and service delivery.
With regard to Human Resource Transformation, we have focused on strengthening the leadership and management capacities of our commanders at all levels. We have also completed firearms proficiency classifier match to all 8,000 PRO6 personnel. Scores and ranking are published as incentive to improve performance.  Prior to this, personnel must also submit themselves to the measurement of body mass index, in line with the Kill Bilbil Program of the Chief PNP. We want a healthy, proficient, and better led PRO6.
Most importantly, we believe Values Formation is an absolute necessity • to win the war through personal transformation, • and to win the hearts of our local populace.  Our Bless Our Cops volunteers are our partners in this endeavor.
However, there will always be those who refuse •• or oppose •• Transformation. In the case of these FEW, we will have to apply our internal cleansing mechanism.
From July 2016 to June 2017, 14 personnel were dismissed from the Service. 36 other personnel were either demoted, suspended, their salaries forfeited, reprimanded or given warning.
Performance and Transformation are both rewarding in the end. But the process can be painful. Now, more than ever, we need our partners at the Regional Advisory Council for Police Transformation and Development, as well as Local Chief Executives, to work with us so that our cities and towns and provinces can enjoy the quality of life they deserve.
And we ask the blessing of God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, on the intentions and efforts of this regional police office so it can faithfully protect and serve.”

In 116th PNP Service Anniversary of PRO6 the following are the awardees;


PSSUPT JULIO T GUSTILO JR Guimaras PPO Best Senior Police Commissioned Officer for Administration
PSSUPT CHRISTOPHER E TAMBUNGAN DRDO Best Senior Police Commissioned Officer for Operation
PCINSP ARON D PALOMO Iloilo PPO Best Junior Police Commissioned Officer for Administration
PCINSP CHARLIE B SUSTENTO JR Iloilo PPO Best Junior Police Commissioned Officer for Operation
SPO1 Nida L Gregas Aklan PPO Best Senior Police Non-Commissioned Officer for Administration
SPO1 Michael D Pontoy Aklan PPO Best Senior Police Non-Commissioned Officer for Operation
PO2 Gerome P Jalbuena ILOILO PPO Best Junior   Police Non-Commissioned Office for Administration
PO3 Shaney P Allanic CAPIZ PPO Best Junior   Police Non-Commissioned Office for Operation
NUP Mylene Peldonia RPSMU6 Best Non-Uniformed Personnel
(Supervisory Level)
NUP Maria Liz E Gabayeron RPHRDD Best Non-Uniformed Personnel


Iloilo City Police Office Best Police Provincial/City Office
Roxas City Police Station Best Component City Police Station
San Jose MPS, Antique PPO Best Municipal Police Station (Category A)
Sibalom MPS, Antique PPO Best Municipal Police Station (Category B and C)
Iloilo City Police Station 6 Best Numbered Police Station
Capiz Provincial Public Safety Company Best Provincial Public Safety Company
Public Safety Company, RPSB6 Best RPSB6, Company
Regional Communications and Electronics Office 6 Best Regional Administrative Support Unit
Regional Highway Patrol Unit 6 Best Regional Operational Support Unit


Regional Operation and Plans Division 6 Outstanding Unit Performance Evaluation Rating of PROs CY 2016 Nationwide
PO2 Ryan S Alfin Plaque of Appreciation (Wounded in Police Operation)
PO1 Jan Brave A Vicente
Mr. Nelson C Uygongco Plaque of Appreciation
Archt. Ma. Regina Falconite
Mr. Keven Kristopher K Wong


Barangay Milibili, Roxas City Outstanding Urban BPAT
Baran gay Lampaya,Leon, Iloilo Outstanding Rural BPAT
Municipality of Santa Barbara MDRRMO Outstanding Government Organization
Iloilo City Highly Urbanized City
Municipality of Kalibo, Aklan AKLAN
Municipality of Valderrama, Antique ANTIQUE
Municipality of President Roxas, Capiz CAPIZ
Municipality of Pavia, Iloilo ILOILO
Municipality of Buenavista, Guimaras GUIMARAS

During the message of PNP Chief Dela Rosa he gives emphasize on the accomplishments of PRO6 and encourage its personnel specially on its war against drugs and illegal gambling.    

After the program, blessing and inauguration of PRO6 Annex Admin Building was made followed by a boodle fight.

In the afternoon, PRO6 SWAT Challenge started after which “Mission Slim Possible” was conducted and participated by PRO6 personnel headed by PCSUPT Binag inline to “OPLAN Bato Kill BilBil”

Police Superintendent
Regional Public Information Office
For clarification, please contact telephone number (033) 330-2553.

New sets of motorcycle for Task Force Boracay was turn-over this morning August 7, 2017 to Police Chief Superintendent Cesar Hawthorne R Binag, Regional Director Police Regional Office 6 (PRO6) this morning after flag raising ceremony at Multi-purpose Hall Camp Martin T Delgado, Iloilo City.


The five (5) units of brand new Honda XR150 motorcycle is the stakeholder support given by Alpha Allied Holdings Limited through Edwin Dumalauag, Special Assistant to the President Summit Hotel and Resort Specialist, INC. Deed of Donation was made by the party (Donee/Donor) for the exclusive used of Joint Sub Task-Group (JSTG Peace and Order) under the supervision of Police Superintendent Fredirick Obar at the same time designated as Operation Center Supervisor. To mention, Joint Task Force Boracay is the multi-agency partnership uniting “Whole Government Approach” in shielding the tourist destination and supported by three (3) main working Joint Sub Task Group namely; Joint Sub-Task Group Maritime Protect headed by AFP, Joint Sub-Task Group Peace and Order and Joint Sub-Task Group Emergency Preparedness manned by Malay MDRRMO.


Considering of the thin and narrow need in Boracay, the motorcycle will be used in conducting police presence and immediate police response. Accordingly, physical injuries and theft incident is the prevalent street crime in Boracay Island and Motorcycle Cops will aid in addressing the peculiar crime incidents.


RD PRO6 commended the effort and initiatives of JTF Boracay particularly PSUPT Obar for engaging stakeholders and the same time recognizing the support shared by the community of Boracay.


Further, the newly donated motorcycle and community partnership is of great help realizing “PRO6 Strategic Direction: We perform as we Transform.”



Police Superintendent

Regional Public Information Office

For clarification, please contact telephone number (033) 330-2553.