Police Regional Office 6 would like to inform the Public that Western Visayas remains generally peaceful and stable despite of the atrocities committed by CTs in Sibalom and Maasin.


Accordingly, WV is one among the ideal place to live, work, visit and invest in the country for there is;

  • No high-profile crime
  • No political killings
  • No liquidation of prominent personalities
  • No kidnap for ransom
  • No terrorist bombing incidents

The crime environment is favorable to the economy. Crime volume reduced by 70.60% or 14,095 from 80, 093 incidents covering the period of January to November 2016 to 65,998 crime incidents in the current year.

Index crime also decreased by 3, 765 0r 15.95% (23, 290 vs 19,525) and average monthly crime rate by 15.33 (92.27%vs 76.94).

While, crime solution efficiency increased by 51.93% or 0.73 % higher than the previous year. Same also with the crime clearance efficiency increased to 59.47% or 0.84% higher than last year.

We perform in our anti-criminality campaign where in we accomplished the following;


In anti- illegal drugs operations, the regions conducted ,285 operations, 1, 976 persons were arrested and 2, 085 cases were filed in court.

In illegal gambling, 429 operations, 726 were arrested and 403 cases were filed in court.

Moreover, PRO6 confiscated 975 firearms, 421 arrested and 356 cases were filed I court.

Meanwhile, PRO6 in its way for transformation, 1, 543 personnel were required to undergo drug test and 11 personnel underwent CADET training.


PRO6 would like to thanks and assures the public that every bodies safety is our concern. For 2018, we will continuously and consistently ‘Perform and Transform” by accelerating our commitment and performance. The right of suffrage and ballot integrity will be protected. Let us work together again us team in bringing peace and development to the region. To GOD be the glory.