Police Regional Office 6 is all ready for the influx of people for the weeklong observance of Lenten Season this year.

As part of the preparation, Police Chief Superintendent Jose Gentiles, Regional Director of Police Regional Office 6 has already placed all PNP units in the region on Full Alert Status to maintain public safety services and providing maximum security coverage during the observance of Semana Santa 2017.

RD gentiles, reminded all unit commanders to secure all vital installations, economic key points as well as places of convergence and to ensure a high state of operational readiness to deter criminal activities and thwart any hostile action that may be launched by terror groups.

PNP personnel will be deployed in all areas of convergence to provide police presence and other police safety services. They will conduct random checkpoints in various areas of Western Visayas to stop any possible occurrence of various threat groups who will be possibly taking advantage of the situation to carry out their unlawful activities.

Likewise, members of the Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT) will be mobilized to augment the police force in providing public safety services.

PRO6 will intensify intelligence monitoring against probable threats. During the event they will still keep in focused on law enforcement operations: manhunt operation against wanted persons, service of search warrants on loose firearms and bold implementation of City/municipal Ordinances.

Further, they will also undertake active security patrols in residential areas to prevent “break-ins” and “akyat-bahay” incidents to ensure the peaceful and orderly conduct of all activities related to Semana Santa 2017.

Police Superintendent
Chief, Regional Public Information Officer
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