The Police Regional Office 6 conducted their 1st quarter simultaneous earthquake drill today, March 31 2017 at Camp Martin Teofilo B. Delgado, Iloilo City dubbed as “QUARTERLY PAGYANIG 2017”.

The objective of the activity is to increase the level of awareness and preparedness of all PNP personnel in camp Delgado and to test their efficiency and usefulness during response recovery when this catastrophic earthquake occurs in the region.

Moreover, the drill is to remind everybody with their responsibilities at the same time refresh their mind on the sequence to be observed during an earthquake. The most important to be observed is the “duck, cover and hold” of the participants and the response of the emergency team.

This was participated by all police officers and non-uniformed personnel assigned at the headquarters led by PSSUPT CHRISTOPHER E TAMBUNGAN, Deputy Regional Director for Operations and was supervised by the Office of Civil Defense, Iloilo city emergency response team (ICER) and the Bureau of Fire Protection for the critique of drill execution.

PRO6 encourages private entity,
companies and other government
agencies do the same because
in calamities like this you cannot
expect the police or other
stakeholders can immediately
respond to you, what will
help you is your adequate
disaster preparedness.
Police Superintendent
Chief, Regional Public Information Officer

For clarification, please contact telephone number (033) 330-2553.